Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project Alpha - Uncovering Malaysian's Top Bloggers

What's Project Alpha? Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. Now you know that blogger can also be as famous as a singer, something similar to Akademi Fantasia (AF) but Project Alpha is unique on its own.

It is hosted by Jojo Struys (, will be aired on and daily for 7 weeks starting on 18 September 2009.

Dengan adanya rancangan seperti ini, ianya membolehkan seseorang, tidak kira latar belakangnya untuk berblogging dan berkongsi minat mereka dengan orang lain.

For the 1 season, there will be 7 featured bloggers:

His name is Huai Bin, 28-year old working professional and like to travel, has the opportunity to taste McDonalds in different countries. Other than McDonald he will take the chance the taste different type of foods such as dog meat and live octopus in Korea, fried rice in Sri Lanka, sushi in Japan and many more. So, if you have similar interest feel free to visit his blog to have the feel before you go travelling.

Do not feel surprise, beautifulnara is not a lady. He is of course a man. His interest is writing about entertainment terutamanya mengenai gossip artis tetapi secara berhemah. Ikutilah perkembangan semasa mengenai dunia hiburan.

She also loves to travel around the world. She went to visit Cadbury factory in Australia, had opportunity to dine on boat in Vietnam, went to theme park which is reproducing all the best attractions in China and if you want to know more, do not forget to visit her blog.

Who is budiey? He writes about entertainment and if you want to know what is happening to your favourite actresses, actors and singer, you will find more information in his blog.

She is a mum with 2 kids and she really love red. She won the Bloggers Idol 2006 Winner.

Her nameis Audrey and she will not share her age with others. She likes to Ribena, coke, watching horror movies and laughing. If you do not like cockroaches, hiking and alarm clocks, you are similar to her.


He likes to travel abroad and had been to Chin, Hong Kong, Egypt, France, Italy and many more.He involves in IT Management and write regularly in KLue Magazine titled Blogroll.

So if you have something to share with others, do it via blog and who knows, maybe you will be the next top blogger.


Didz said...

Thanks for the visit and lovely review of my site :)

Jogger said...


saya ada few things to comment
1) u nyer blog mmg byk info, tapi kena carik X faktor utk jadikan tarikan pada blog u. mcm eyriqazz, dia byk masuk contest dan x penat mencuba, sbb tu ada jer kita terpikir, dia nih menang x masuk contest ni..

2) Template kena cun sket. kena ada identity.Mcm i, i create Blogjog. So lepas nih, bloghopping dah tukar kepada term blogjog

3) Ayat2 tu jgn skema sgt. just tulis apa yang u rasa, mcm mana ayat dlm hati u. x perlu untuk meng"skema" kan dia.

anyway... its have a good content but not presentable. ni pendapat saya jer

Ah Leen said...

Nice blog too. :) Only thing is I can't understand Bahasa Melayu. *ahhhhhhh*

Sharinginfoz said...

Didz-W: Thanks for visiting

Joger: Thanks for your review of my blog, will improve it in the future

Ah Lee: I am writing both in Bahasa and English.